Not a course
Not a program
Not a conference or seminar
Not a guru event

Welcome, glad you are taking the time to learn more about us. I listed what we are NOT, so what are we? WHO are we?

The kingdom was founded by a small group of people who were frustrated with the education and information online.

It seemed like most of the information out there was followed up with a $30,000 up sell or “rush to the back of the room” scenario. Rarely was there any community, any real connection or interaction.

So…We changed that.

We created a family, as cliche as that sounds that is EXACTLY what we did. Our family travels together, Invests together, encourages each-other, we eat together, spend most days together, we attend each-others weddings. In every sense of the word, we are a family.

The founders understood that courses have a 96% dropout rate, so we don’t do courses, we meet live each week to talk and train in person (see image below)

Flash in the pan weekend seminars hold little value when they are built on emotion, so we focus heavily on financial I.Q, Mindset, Foundation and Creative Finance each day. This is not a one and done, this is a community that is involved with each other continuously.

We teach what has worked for us, not theory.

The mentors in this community have all build impressive portfolios without using their own money, banks, hard money. Because of this approach our members don’t need great credit or to be “bankable”.

In closing, our passion and our mission in life is to help our members get FREE. Freedom means you escape the rat race and don’t have to trade time for money. Although we teach wholesaling, have agents and talk about fix and flip our primary focus is to show you how to create generation, passive income through investing in cash flowing assets such as Notes, Single family and multi family buy and holds.

Meet Just a Few of the Mentors

The Kingdom Real Estate Investment PLATINUM Mentors are Top Notch. Get to Know Just a Few of Them Here.

The Kingdom Real Estate Investment Group Co-Founder Jordan Stanley Payne
Jordan Stanley Payne
Co-Founder / Mentor

Jordan Stanley Payne is a real estate investor out of Montana who focuses on multi family acquisitions and no money down strategies. Over the past 3 years Jordan has built a large portfolio valued at well over 7 figures using none of his own money. He is passionate about financial freedom and teaching people to duplicate the strategies that worked for him.

KRE Investment Group Co-Founder Todd Fleming
Todd Fleming
Co-Founder / Mentor

Todd Fleming is a Real Estate Investor out of North East Ohio. Todd began his real estate journey with only $11 in his checking account and began flipping property with none of his own money until starting to build his own portfolio of single and multi-family property and even including mobile homes and Mortgage Notes. Todd has an unwavering passion for teaching mindset and financial freedom techniques alongside creative acquisition.

Taylor and Ed Peugh are Buy-and-Hold Real Estate investors who focus primarily on repositioning of Multi-Family properties. They are based in the Charlotte, NC market. They have been purchasing Real Estate as investments since 2005. In 2013 Ed became a licensed Real Estate Broker in North Carolina. The pace of these purchases escalated dramatically since that time. Ed and Taylor have been involved in Millions of Dollars in real estate transactions. They believe that leveraging Real Estate effectively is one of the best ways for an individual of average means, to achieve Financial Freedom. This passion has guided them to support The Kingdom Real Estate as Mentors.